Design Optimisation

VKB Tech offers not only FEA verification of products with a simple answer yes/no on whether a design is meeting all structural requirements. In addition to general recommendations and guidance on how to improve design, performance, VKB Tech also delivers comprehensive structural design optimisation services. Depending on the design stage we can conduct sizing, shape and topology optimisation also.

These general approaches offer the possibility to minimise the used material and therefore reduce structure weight significantly. The goal of shape optimisation is to change the shape of a structure such that the optimisation problem is solved in the best possible way. Minimising weight, maximising stiffness, modification of eigen-frequencies or minimising stress are the most common shape optimisation goals. A special class of shape optimisation, Topography Optimisation, is often used in sheet metal part design. If you would like to know what you can gain from using optimisation techniques please contact us.