Today’s agricultural machinery market like many others is very competitive. In order to be a successful producer, new designs must be launched as scheduled and fulfill all performances, quality, durability and customer requirements.

VKB Tech provides comprehensive virtual testing services of agriculture machinery. Our engineers can verify your design whether it withstand heavy loads in harsh conditions by subjecting your equipment to many load scenarios e.g. work, folding and transportation. In addition, we can optimise designs for high performance and durability while minimising material costs. We can help you to speed up delivery, reduce cost of prototype testing and ensure the durability and superior performance of your equipment.

VKB Tech offers:

 Strength analysis

 Vibration analysis

 Fatigue analysis

 Kinematic analysis

 Verification of bolted and/or welded joints

Kinematic and dynamic analysis of mechanical systems in agricultural machinery

We conduct kinematic and dynamic analysis to obtain main dynamic parameters, like velocity, acceleration and forces during work, transport or folding and unfolding farm machinery. The simulation results are essential for the correct selection of:

 Hydraulic cylinders

 Transportation hitch



Fatigue Assessment of Welded Joints

Studies have shown that 80% of mechanical failures are caused by fatigue, and only 20% by static overloading. Structures containing welds are often susceptible to fatigue failure as a result of presents of residual stresses and stress concentration at the weld toe. Therefore, the fatigue life of welded structures is much lower than those without welds and should be the primary concern of designers.

VKB Tech offers quick and accurate calculations of fatigue life of welded joints, according to Effective Notch Stress Method described in the International Institute of Welding (IIW) Fatigue Design Guidelines. We are able to predict potential problems with premature weld fatigue failure and fix them at the initial stage of the design phase.

Verification and selection of bolts for agricultural machinery

Bolts that carry high static and dynamic loads can be found almost in every agricultural machine. Just like welds toe the bolt thread act as a notch having high stress concentration factor that influence fatigue life significantly. VKB Tech offers comprehensive verification of bolts according to Eurocode 3 standards.

We effectively improve the design by reducing the stresses and increasing durability

VKB Tech quickly and effectively solves technical issues with strength and durability by our expert knowledge and the use of modern simulation tools. Results for Topology and Topography Optimisation help us find the best and also the easiest solution in a short time.

We support the R&D project of innovative and lightweight agricultural machines

We are using advanced engineering simulations to test and verify many design concepts of agricultural machines without building prototypes. We deliver essential data for the designers to make the correct decision about concept selection for further development. We are showing opportunities to improve the design, reduce weight and increase durability. We support R&D projects of lightweight sprayer booms, mainframes and tillage tools.

If you would like to know more about our services for agricultural machinery industry or want to receive an offer, please contact us.