Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry requires robust and reliable equipment to minimize the risk of environmental disaster or economic losses due to unscheduled downtime. We can help to assure safety and reliability of products using advanced numerical simulations.

VKB Tech can support design and structural verification of onshore, offshore, sub-sea and marine systems. Our engineers have extensive experience in the detailed numerical analysis that can be carried out in accordance with a variety of codes of practice, e.g. ISO, BS, ANSI & DNV. Our team of engineers experienced in detailed linear and non-linear finite element analysis can solve most challenging structural loading problems like collisions, dropped objects, fire and explosion to ensure structural integrity.

We can use several commercial FEM software packages, e.g. Ansys, Abaqus and HyperWorks, depending on each individual project’s needs and requirements.

We have experience in the following areas.

 Thermal stress analysis

 Frequency analysis


 Fluid structure interaction (FSI)

 Impact analysis

 Blast analysis