How we work?

These four steps summarise the VKB Tech project execution process:


The discover phase is about identifying project needs, understanding objectives, limitation and expectations.


In this phase, we will create a Letter of agreement which defines the scope of work (analysis types, model definition, materials, loads & boundary condition and expected results). At this point, we will also define project schedule, set up budgets and choose pricing model.


Once we have agreed to the scope of the work, we will go to work validating and improving your design by conducting required analysis according to appropriate codes and standards.


The aim of this phase is to finalise the CAE report with clear conclusions and recommendations and deliver improved component geometry.

Pricing models

VKB Tech offers three main pricing models to the clients to ensure flexibility and cooperation.


This model is preferable for projects with clear and well-documented requirements. When client specifies time frame and detailed set of requirements to the end CAE outcome that aren’t likely to change throughout the project, VKB Tech can provide the schedule and estimate price.


It is preferable model in case where the duration, time scale and project requirements can change dynamically. VKB Tech offers dynamic assignment’s with flexible service resources to quickly start and finish project tasks.


This model is suited for long-term projects where the scope of the work and the requirements change frequently. VKB Tech can provide competent CAE expert based on project requirements. In return, the client pays a single sum of money that includes consultant’s monthly salary and CAE software fee.

Each project is unique, and we are able to recommend an appropriate pricing model depending on scope of work and preferences.